About us

What drives us? Self-learning and realising organisations. The complexity of the dynamic environment does not ask for one-off solutions. It does ask for organisations which are prepared and able to develop constantly, with sustainability as a natural result.

Our values
pragmatic – Pure – learning – versatile – sharp – conjunctive

Core question

Organisations have al lot at their disposal to be successful and become future-proof; knowledge, technology, (production) systems, capital and people. But what makes turnover grow? Continuous improvement sustainable? Return on investments? Employees choose your company? Why is one organisation more succesful than the other? Does your organisation make the most of everything at its disposal? Choose to utilise your organisation's comprehensive potential and create a sustainable future. Our definition of realisation? "Make it work and let it work!”


Change is not an objective in itself, realisation is. Combine the working principles of business economics, project management and psychology, and integral realisation arises. Of what? The business case of the organisation with its people, methods and resources. With who? The professional with the competence of integral realisation composed of approach, execution and guarantee. Why it works? Because structure, skills and attitude aspects are integrated within the daily performance context.

Realisation management®

This approach is the result of 15 years of research and development in and with our clients' day to day practice. With only one ambition: sustainable increase of (individual and collective) realisation power in organisations. Our proposition will continue to develop as a result of the core question we keep on asking our clients; "What do you need to independently realise and embed?"

Learn to perform

Together we learn integral ways for realisation in actual practice situations. We embed the knowledge and skills to improve and sustain results. 100% in your day to day context. The foundation? Creation of coherence in your business case, focus on the essence of the solution and continuous alignment with the stakeholders.

“Real is good, not good enough, but real good"

Learning and performing, for me, are inseparable. "What we do, we do in an explicit, real and foremost integral way." Ensuring, together with our clients, their continuity is what it is about. Participation, coherence and ownership are the key conditions. A healthy dose of criticism on the real return on investment of external consultancy, modelling and methodology is part of the deal. This makes the business case as interesting as it should be.

As of 2000 I have been active as an independent entrepreneur within various networks with a focus on advising, guiding and supporting realisation issues. The intent is to utilise the full potential of the organisation. Always together with colleagues and professionals who commit themselves to real and sustainable results!

Do you wish to know more? Do you have any questions? Contact us at the Partitude Office at: (+31)(0)487 50 36 63.